Authentic Communication


At the beginning of the year I was invited by the lovely Amelia Veale to be part of her podcast “Be The Drop” where she seeks to make a difference by providing listeners with tips on how to create communication that connects, unites and generates engagement. Her questions allowed me to consider communication and what I think really makes it work in 2017. In my view, gone are the days of simple “B2B or B2C” communication (business to business or business to consumer). Today, it is all about H2H – human to human connection – and I was lucky enough to share this idea, and a few others, with Amelia.

So be it for you (yourself) or you (your brand), below are my top 3 tips for authentic communication, inspired by Be The Drop.


Be true to yourself

I feel like this idea is thrown around A LOT as the epitome of branding and communication advice. I would read and hear people say it and think, oh yep, just someone else rolling it out as their own. This was until I realised that I wasn’t actually doing it myself. In fact, I have spent a whole year comparing myself to other people whilst simultaneously feeling like a fraud. It’s classic and oh-so cliché isn’t it. But sadly, it’s true. True that it takes a long time to feel comfortable enough to allow yourself to be, well, yourself. Understand that what makes you you doesn’t just make you different, it makes you better. Fascinating even. Because there is no-one who has done exactly what you have done. And there is no-one who can add value in the same way you can.


Merchandise your success

I have learnt that you have to be a little bit brave when it comes to communicating. Always humble, but brave. This is especially true for me when it comes to talking about myself. I am NOT good at hustling, talking myself up or big noting. Actually, I am terrible at it. But I recently discovered my now quote-of-the-moment that says “learn to merchandise your successes well”. This really resonated with me because it sums up being humble and brave at the same time. And when I started to think of talking about the things I had done as simply “merchandising my success” I suddenly felt a whole lot more comfortable. If merchandising my success is merely accessorising my achievements then, mmmm, ok, maybe I can do it. And be proud of it.


Make communication human

I look at communication the way I look at life. It needs to be balanced and integrated and I don’t think there is one platform that is perfect for every scenario. I love online communication as much as anyone, it’s absolutely necessary and it’s quick and it’s efficient and its fun. But there is the more personal or human side that means picking up the phone or meeting someone face to face and I think that is still the key. Even though our world is so digital and so connected, I believe you build real relationships when you talk to someone in person. So my operating philosophy is to look to the senses to guide and inform strategy, to consider if each of those areas (taste, touch, sight, smell and sound) is being covered because that’s how we all experience the world and that’s how your customers will best experience your brand.


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Michaela Chanmugam