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Adixions came to us wanting to re-focus their brand direction and create a clear path for future growth. Restructuring the brand operating system was a priority to allow for organised revenue streams and then elevating the digital experience of Adixions would communicate the new business direction and retail offering to customers. 




  • Create a new product hierarchy that redirects attention and awareness to be "chocolate first".

  • Initiate a new retail matrix consisting of four key pillars.

  • Update the existing Adixions website to create a modern brand experience that is visually seductive.

  • Optimise the Adixions social media presence to allow a seamless digital experience of the brand.


  • A fresh new brand summary, positioning statement and definition which supports a product structure that carries an "always on" signature range, smart injections of newness as well as completely customised projects. 

  • A clear retail matrix that optimises the brand's strengths and allows space for collaboration and opportunity.

  • A chic new website that visually communicates the new "chocolate first" direction, showcases the product offering with stunning new brand photography and allows customers to shop the new signature range in an online store.

  • Updated social media accounts that reiterate the new brand direction and an optimised content strategy that repurposes the new photography.


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o Brand Amplification

o Social Media Optimisation

o Content Creation

o Art Direction


Working with Erin has been a breath of fresh air. Erin truly understands and is totally tuned into the depth of my passion for chocolate & desserts so I received such a clear and concise direction for my business. I am so happy and excited and I look forward to continuing to grow Adixions with Erin’s expertise.
— Vicki Papazaharias, Adixions

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Photography; Kirsty Burns Photo for Blancspace.